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Faculty Research Seminars

Research is a tool that unlocks the unknown, enables one to explore the world from different perspectives, and fuels a deeper understanding making it an essential part of success. As an essential mandate of universities, Koforidua Technical University is taking cutting-edge research to fulfil its third responsibility and role as the think-tank of society.

As the Directorate of Research and Innovation, the research administration arm of this Institution seeks to develop the University into a world-class applied research institution through strategic coordination and technology transfer and has instituted Faculty Seminar Series.  The focus of this programme is to build the capacity of staff for improved quality research output whiles increasing the research output of the University. This platform, in consequence, provides the opportunity for sharing knowledge and helps deepen the sense of community among members of the Faculty.

This over the period has been successful and yielded the desired results as some members of staff have been named as part of the Top 1000 scientists in Ghana for 2022.


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